Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use onXiam?

If you are tired of having to tell people over and over "on [website] I am [name]" then you should sign up.

If you really like the photos that one person posts on flickr and you wonder what else that person does online (blogs, gaming, Second Life, etc), you should search for them. If they have signed up on onXiam, then you will discover their other online identities.

If you want to easily promote all of your online identities and increase your blog readership, flickr views, MySpace friends and all of that stuff, this could help you to do it. No guarantees, but it could help.

I'm not very, uh, technically savvy. Can I still use onXiam?

You bet! Even though I'm a geek, I realize that not everyone else is and that is why I have built this for you. One of my goals was to make this service as easy as possible.

Basically, you just choose a website, identify your username on that website and I take care of the rest. Once you've done that, you can direct people to your onXiam user page which lists all of your online identities. From here they can easily jump to all of your online content.

What if I don't want to share everything? Can I keep some of my usernames private?

Yes you can. When you add an identity, you will be asked to choose a website and type your username. There is also a checkbox for "Public". Due to the very nature of this service, all identities will be public by default, but yes you do have the option of unchecking this box and keeping your identity on that particular site private. If you choose to do that, you still have a record of your username on that site that you can see, but nobody else can see it. You can switch between public and private at anytime by simply editing your identity.

Do you store my passwords too?

Absolutely not. I would not want to give both my username and password to anybody, and therefore I'm not going to ask you for yours either. Providing your username is all that is needed.

Is onXiam free?

Yes, onXiam is free to all. In the future I may come up with some enhanced goodies that will be made available via a premium offering, but the basic service will remain free.