About onXiam

Ok, explain onXiam to me.

You can think of onXiam as a network of networks. In a nutshell, onXiam is a site that lets you consolidate all of your online identities and easily tie them back to a single point of reference. Ultimately this will make it easier for you to promote yourself and all of your various online identities by having a quick and easy place to which you can refer people if they want to learn all about your various online presences.

What was the inspiration for onXiam?

Believe it or not, it was my mom. A little while ago, I sent my mom an email that contained a link to my girlfriend's blog on LiveJournal. That link had her username included in the url -- something like "username.livejournal.com". A few days later, my mom tells me that she tried to email my girlfriend, but it didn't work. She told me, "I got her name from the link that you sent me the other day and I sent the email to '[email protected]'". I then had to explain to my mom that my girlfriend has a different name on LiveJournal than she has on Hotmail, and that could also be different than her name on Flickr...and so on.

As more and more interesting websites and communities are being created, people are joining these communities and they are flourishing. While this is fantastic, it results in a dilution of your online presence. Your thoughts are recorded in your blog here, your photos are stored over there, your music is uploaded here while your video is available over there...

As I joined more and more online communities, I found myself constantly saying to people "On [website] I am [name]." This was getting tiresome, and I thought that there just had to be a better way of promoting myself to my friends, my family and to the online world as a whole.

I looked around but didn't find anything, so I decided to build it myself.


Kevin Poulsen
Chicago, Illinois
onXiam: kevinkmp